The Meridian Families

There is no better model mirroring our developmental process as human beings as the three meridian families.

There are many possibilities how to pair the 12 main meridians. The most common one is to pair them within the system of the 5 elements, to explain energetic correlations in our lifes, in nature, in illness, in relationships etc… Another model pairs the meridians in 6 divisions, mostly used to describe the progress of external pathogenic factors entering our system. But Shiatsu unfolds it’s greatest power in supporting people in their personal growth process. Shiatsu can address most of the obstacles on our individual path. Every obstacle is a blockage of Qi and every blockage can manifest in a different pattern, from headache to sleeping disorders to not being able to make decisions. To really remove those obstacles, we have to understand their origin, to treat the root and not the branches of a problem.

There is no better model mirroring our developmental process as human beings as the model of the three meridian families. From the moment we are born, we are learning about life. We have to learn the most important life lessons in order to live our full potential. And we have to learn them step by step. There is no shortcut. Each lesson paves the ground for the next lesson. The first thing we have to learn is to supply ourselves with energy. Life starts with the lung meridian. But we also need food and love, to nourish the body and the soul. If we are taken care of with a lot of support, we learn, that there is an abundance in life we can anticipate. If not, we will always be accompanied by the feeling of not having or getting enough. The second big lesson is to find out who we are and what we want. But if we did not integrate lesson number one, we will always crave for more energy instead of getting in real contact with ourselves and live our life. The third big lesson is to bring our potential in the world, but how can we do this, if we haven’t found it so far? This is the story of the three meridian families.
Understanding the three meridian families helps us a lot within our Shiatsu, as we can fully understand, how disharmonies in meridians are linked to developmental themes and how developmental themes are linked to physical patterns or illnesses. With the three meridian families, we treat every symptom at the root. And support people to live their full potential.


– The evolution of the main meridians
– The philosophy of the meridian families
– Transfer of the philosophy in hands on work, including diagnosis